LaRussell has major love for his hometown of Vallejo.

The Bay Area rapper, featured in P-Lo’s song “Again” alongside rap legend E-40, announced Wednesday via Twitter that he has paid full expenses at Momo’s Cafe so locals can take advantage of a “pay what you want” deal beginning Oct. 24.

“This is our gift to the community we love so dearly!” read LaRussell’s wrote on Twitter.

The “pay what you want” deal is expected to last through the end of 2022 and LaRussell hopes it will support anyone in need of a meal.

“I’m paying out of my own pocket for the next three months,” LaRussell told SFGATE. “We have a high homeless population here and … everybody doesn’t have the means to afford a good meal. We’re coming out of COVID, and not everyone has recovered.”

Momo’s Cafe, located at 402 Georgia St., has been a local favorite of LaRussell for years before his fame. He said that Momo’s Café owner Manny Melendrez has been a long supporter and welcomed him with open arms when LaRussell pitched the idea to host Proud 2 Pay brunches events at the restaurant. Previous Proud 2 Pay events, which are part of LaRussell’s Good Compenny, have also offered “pay what you want” pricing and include musical performances by LaRussell and other musicians.  

Bay Area rapper LaRussell announced that locals can enjoy a “pay what you can” at Momo’s Cafe in Vallejo starting Oct. 24.

Images courtesy of LaRussell & via Yelp

LaRussell said that he helped renovate Momo’s Cafe and enlisted a friend to redesign the brunch spot. Momo’s Cafe shared a post on Instagram that included a timelapse video of a crew adding fresh paint, wooden panels, and décor on walls that included a Good Compenny logo.

“[Momo’s Cafe] has always shown a lot of love and support,” LaRussell said. “It was the first restaurant to take a risk on me. I wanted to make the restaurant special, make it a cool photo opportunity, and just change the feeling and vibe in there.”

LaRussell said that if the initiative goes well, he plans to continue it in the future. He tagged E-40, Big Chang Chang, and B-Legit as other artists he hopes can follow his lead and help the community.

“Everyone deserves to eat,” he said “If that’s something I can do, then I’m going to help do it.”